Mendoza extends in a vast territory of 148,827 km2. It is situated in the mid-western sector of the Argentine Republic and at the feet the Andes Mountain Range, the highest of America .

You can arrive to the province by plane or by land through the two main axis that cross Mendoza: National Routes 40 and 143, extending from north to south and National Route 7, the so called “bioceanic corridor”, crossing the country from east to west and connecting Buenos Aires with Santiago de Chile.

Together with the neighboring provinces of San Juan , San Luis and La Rioja , Mendoza conforms the Cuyum or Cuyo Region – in the huarpe aboriginal language these words mean “pebbly soil”.

The climate is nice, template and with scarce rainfall. The sun has a pact with these lands, turning the diaphanous skies into an added value for Mendoza as a tourist destination . These climatic conditions, added to the existance of rivers which are fed by thaws and the work of man, have turned the desert soil into urban and rural oasis where living and going for a visit is very pleasant.

The cities in Mendoza present the particular fisonomy of a “forest-city”, finding in the tree alleys, the ditches and the cleanliness of their public spaces their distinctive elements.

The Capital of Mendoza, founded in 1561, counts with all the services of any large city in the world, a varied commercial, recreation and accommodations offer. Hotels range from 1 to 5 stars, apart-hotels, hostels, bungalows, cabins and campings in all the provincial territory.

When it comes to entertainment, Mendoza has all you can imagine: casinos, discos, theaters, museums, cinemas, wine bars, pubs, a rich cultural and artistic activity, varied options of international cuisine and regional specialties.

Besides, not only the cities but some of the high-mountain centers have specific and complementary equipment to organize congresses and fairs, where it is possible to combine work with pleasure.

The rural spaces smell of vegetables, apples, cherries, apricots and above all, grapes. Mendoza is the leading viticultural center of South America and as such, it produces and exports wines to numerous countries, mainly its emblematic grape: the malbec.

When taking “the Wine Roads” and “the Agrarian Routes” excursions, you can enjoy this alliance between tourism and the products of our land.

Aconcagua Mount is the highest peak of America . From its 6,962 m .a.s.l., it leads all this province, where geography is generous in mountains, eternal snow, valleys, rivers, hotsprings, plains, deserts and magical oasis offering different possibilities to enjoy Mendoza 365 days a year.

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